Saturday, 6 January 2018

The Year That Was 2017

2017 was a year of successes and a year of frustrations. So, I wanted to share with you some of the highs and a lows. So here goes!

Our volunteers and supporters 
As always without the physical help and the generous support of the local vets and our supporters I'd never be able to do the work with the hedgehogs that I do. So thank you to the following vets for their continued support:

One of the many lovely paths
in Birchanger Woods

  • Elaine - for taking on our latest disabled hedgehog
  • Monique - for stepping in to take hedgehogs when we couldn't
  • Rob and Di, Maddi and Helen - for being fab fosterers
  • Michelle, Jayne, Michelle, Anne and Phil - for taking on the care and release of our successes
  • Pat from Mutts in Distress for your support and supply of towels.
  • Karen for running a quiz night for us and raising a staggering amount!
  • Pat (warden of Birchanger Woods) - for your continued care of our two disabled hedgehogs and  allowing us to use the woods as a release  site 

AND everyone who kindly and generously donated either much needed supplies or cash!

Stats - calls
The shed after its revamp

I never keep a log of the phone calls I take but I'm guessing it's in the low hundreds. However, I've taken more calls this year from outside the area we cover. For example I've spoken not only to those local to us but also people in Watford, Hatfield, Luton plus a few from the other side of London.

Stats - costs
Last year was an expensive year with our paid for outgoings of just over £1,600. This figure doesn't include the generous donations that were paid directly into our local vets to cover vet bills (this was a couple of hundred - so THANK YOU). However, it does include the purchase of a lovely new hutch and run and the revamp of the shed (both we were only able to do because of all those lovely people who came along to the quiz night organised by the even more lovely Karen). I've just completed the end of year books and we're in credit! It may be just under £10 but we've covered all our bills for 2017 - so I'm a very happy hog carer (because that doesn't happen often).        

Stats - Hedgehogs
Since keeping records (prior to the year 2000 I didn't bother) we've had 761 hedgehogs come to stay in the hedgehog shed. This year we took in and cared for 42 hedgehogs (I only count those who come into the shed, not those who sadly didn't make it to us because they died at the vets). Of those 42, 19 survived and 23 died. Unfortunately the high mortality rate this year was because of the salmonella outbreak. It was perhaps one of the hardest times I've had to go through with the hedgehogs.  

Came in around 75 grams each.
That's a 50p next to them!
Ending on a high
Although part of this year was the hardest it's always outweighed by the successes and without a doubt these six little bundles of cuteness were that success. Sadly their mother died but the person who found them acted quickly and got them to us whilst they were still in good health. It may have taken a lot of late nights and a lot of very early mornings but all six survived and were released in late summer. Their survival is also due to the  wonderful 'day care' service provided by everyone at the A120 Medivet. I wouldn't have been able to juggle caring for them and keeping down a day job without that support.

Your continued support
Just before Christmas I was informed by Waitrose in Bishop's Stortford that we're in their blue token charity pot for January. So if you shop in Waitrose or know someone who does please do pop that blue token in our slot.

Lastly THANK YOU for your support during 2017 - it is appreciated more than you'll ever know.

Monday, 20 November 2017

With Fingers Crossed

Sadly earlier this month we had a couple of cases of salmonella and although we tried our hardest we still lost a couple of hedgehogs. So, I was forced to close our doors. In order to be able to open the doors again I've had to clean the shed from top to bottom. So as the sun was out yesterday (Sunday 19th November) this mammoth job was undertaken.

Firstly I invested in loads of heavy duty cleaners.

Then anything that could carry something nasty was burned. So paper, towels etc. are now ash. Thankfully loads of people donated towels - including the local U3A. This means all the towels I had to burn have already been replaced.

Bowls, spoons etc. have also been binned and new ones will be purchased within the next week or so.

Then all cages and equipment were removed from the shed - I didn't realise how much you could get in a 6' x 8' shed.

It was then scrubbed and scrubbed and left to dry in the sun.

Some five-ish hours later everything was back in the shed, looking cleaning and sparkly.

Then swabs were taken from the work surfaces, the shelves and two of the cages.

Finally, this morning I dropped the swabs off at the fab A120 Medivets and with fingers crossed the shed is given the all clear and the doors can be re-opened.   

Saturday, 21 October 2017

How To Help Us Help Hedgehogs

I'm often asked by people who are passionate about hedgehogs how they can help us. Apart from spreading the word and making gardens a hedgehog haven there are a number of ways supporters can support our work and they are:

Method one: 
Do your online shopping via The Giving Machine and we receive a commission on all your purchases. It's free to join, they have a free to download app (so you won't forget to shop via their website) and now partner with over 1,500 different retailers, including many of the big chains.

Method two:
Buy something from our Amazon Wishlist by clicking on this link. An address is now linked to the Wishlist, so you shouldn't be asked for one. However if you are just email me at and I'll provide an address.   

Method three:
Help us cover our vet bills by adding credit to the hedgehogs account at one of the vets below:

  • A120 Medivet just outside Little Hadham - click here for their contact details
  • Bishop's Stortford Vets on Rye Street - click here for their contact details

Method four:
Hold a fund raising event e.g. tea party, sell items on a stall, bring and buy sale etc. Then either give one of the vets above a call or purchase something from our Wishlist.   


Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Hedgehog Shed Gets a Make-over

The shed has been in need of some major TLC for some time. As you can see from the photograph below. There was simply no room to put anything. So something drastic had to be done.

Thankfully earlier in the year Pat from Mutts in Distress kindly passed on our details to a simply wonderful lady (Karen Street) who for years has been organising fund raising quiz nights. Karen offered to organise a quiz for us. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who turned up and the amount raised. Some of the money has been spent on food and vet bills. However if you scroll down you can see how some of that the money has helped me transform the hedgehog shed.

It took me sometime to find someone who would do the job. But finally Tony the Handyman was recommended to me. He came round, I explained what was needed and that I had loads of salvaged wood which he could use. A date was set, the shed was cleared out and now I have storage and room to move.

So a huge thank you to Karen, the quizzers and Tony the Handyman. All of whom are Hedgehog Heroes.

P.S. If you're in need of a handyman please contact me via the Herts Hogline Facebook page and I'll give you Tony's contact details.  



Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hedgehogs in October by Kay Bullen (BHPS Trustee)

Time is getting on and just as we might prepare early for Christmas so the hedgehogs must prepare to hibernation. When birds are flying to warmer climates, squirrels and Jays are building up food stores, hedgehogs are also building up their food stores; but theirs will be internal fat. One type of fat to live off and another one to kick start their waking processes.

This extra fat must be sufficient to see them through the whole of the winter. If they do not have enough fat stored they will not be able to survive the winter and may have to delay going into hibernation. However, as the weather gets colder so their natural food will disappear, this produces a vicious circle, they are searching for more food and that food is less abundant.

This is why extra food can be a life saver. A dry nest box in which to make their hibernation nest would be a bonus.  Provided they have plenty of food and a dry place to sleep in, they can hibernate later or may even survive the winter without hibernating.  It is not the cold weather that kills them rather the lack of food it brings.  Having said that if their nest is in a cold damp environment and their bedding is damp then they will struggle against hypothermia. The young, weak, sick and elderly hedgehogs will be the most vulnerable.

A dish of water should also be provided especially if you are feeding them dry foods. If the food and water can be place inside a feeding station this would give them a certain protection from the frosts and would also keep the hedgehog dry when it is feeding in the rain or snow.

For more information about Autumn Juveniles visit the BHPS website and view the leaflet section for the “Autumn Juvenile” leaflet.  If you need advice about a particular hedgehog it would be helpful if you could weigh it before calling, as this helps us to give the most appropriate advice.

If you are concerned about your local visiting hedgehog contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, they can give general advice and perhaps details of a local hedgehog rehabilitator that you can contact.  Contact them on 01584 890801 or for general advice visit their web site.